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DIY Rotating Computer Desk

For the past couple years my computer desk has been arranged such that when I sit at it I face a wall.  This made sitting at my computer pretty unpleasant.  However, the desk’s positioning allowed me to watch movies from my couch and I didn’t want to lose this functionality.  (Life is hard, I know).  Anyway last week the solution finally dawned on me.  All I need is a rotating top for my desk!  Then it could be placed in the middle of the room and I could view it from anywhere.  A little bit of googling produced this how-to video for building a lazy susan, and this product from Home Depot.  Thankfully I live in the amazing community of Berkeley, CA so I had little trouble finding a free table top from Craigslist and I was able to borrow tools from the Berkeley Public Library’s extremely handy Tool Lending Library (this place is an awesome example of what a smart local government can do right).  Add to this my existing computer desk and a couple hours of planning and labor and voila!


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