Crossed Wires

This is the day the world ended. This was my first demise. It will not be my last. The wave seems really small on the horizon. Something that will ruffle a few sea birds and leave the terrestrials just needing a towel.


But don’t we always just need a towel.


I must have been asleep when it hit. I didn’t truly wake from it until much later. I can’t even recall when. Maybe it knocked me out. Or those memories are hidden away somewhere for my own good.

Endocannabinoids doing their thing.


It was my father. It was just a phrase. A few simple words that caused the death of so many neuronal connections. Ideas that start but falter on their way to their goal. A sense of confusion.


Crossed wires indeed.


Since then it has happened many times. It’s called heartache and it is to a certain degree. But it’s really headache. Its pure logic. It’s yearning for the old rules. You take out a step in the pathway and the whole assembly line fails. Its too hard to start from scratch and some parts still work so you cobble together a solution. But the solutions are always temporary. Impermanent. You know this but what else is there to do. What happens down the line is the problem of that poor schmuck. I’m going to get while the getting’s good.

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